Real Estate Blog Ideas

Real Estate Blog Ideas [Content Marketing Tips]

Real estate blogging is a very effective marketing tool because the real estate process is complex. Homebuyers and sellers rely on outstanding real estate content to answer their many questions.

If you can successfully answer those questions in your blog, and you prove your expertise, those buyers and sellers will reach out to you when they need real estate services.

However, many real estate businesses struggle with content creation because generating blog ideas is hard. We want to help, and that’s why we have curated a list of real estate blog ideas and tips for real estate content marketing in this article.


Real Estate Content Marketing Tips

Starting a real estate blog can help boost property sales and establish a real estate agent as an industry expert.

Research shows that 74% of home buyers work with the first agent they interviewed and making a good first impression with your content will help you get new clients.

The problem is, if you blog without a concrete content strategy, you won’t get much ROI for your efforts. Here are a few tips to help you implement a successful real estate blogging strategy:

Set Your Goals

Without clearly defined goals for your blog, it will be difficult to measure progress and maintain your commitment.

Take the time to outline your goals. Do you want to build your email list? Boost your real estate brand? Convert blog readers into clients? Drive traffic to your business website? Your blogging goals will shape the type of content you will publish on your blog.

Plan Your Content and Use The Right Tools

Blogging without a plan will not get you the results you need. To successfully publish content regularly, you need a content strategy. To create your content strategy, ask yourself the following questions:

●     What are the problems faced by home buyers and sellers?

●     How can I provide answers to those problems with my content?

●     What types of content will I create – blog posts, videos, podcasts, or infographics?

●     Who will be responsible for content creation? Should I outsource it to a marketing agency?

●     What resources and tools will I need to create content?

●     How often will I publish in a week?

Your answers will help you craft a winning content strategy. You should also use the tools below to make your content creation and publishing process easier:

●     Buzzsumo – to identify trending topics in the industry for your keyword

●     SuferSEO Content Editor – to help you craft SEO-optimized content that will rank high on search engines

●     CoSchedule- a tool for creating editorial calendars

●     Copyscape – to eliminate any plagiarism in your content

●     Grammarly – to remove punctuation and grammar errors in your work

Use Visuals and Video In Your Content

People like visual content because they make it easy to process information. Spice up your blog posts with relevant images, gifs, and professional photographs of your listings. You should also harness the viral potential of infographics.

Create video tours of the homes in your portfolio and add them to your blog content and your social media profiles.

Maximize Your Email List

Lead generation is one of the biggest benefits of blogging. Email marketing tools like Mailchimp and SumoMe help you capture the contact information of website visitors and grow your email list.

Take full advantage of your list to place yourself firmly in the consciousness of your readers by sending them newsletters anytime you publish new content or update your property listings.

Maintain A Consistent Publishing Schedule

The more often you publish content, the more search engine bots will crawl your website. If you don’t update your site regularly, your search engine rankings may suffer.

Try to publish high-quality content 2 to 4 times a week to help you build credibility with your readers and generate more traffic to your website.

80 Real Estate Blog Ideas

Here are some interesting blog topic ideas you can use for your real estate blog:

Blog topic ideas on your local real estate market

1.   List Affordable Local Properties

There are always home buyers and renters on a tight budget that will appreciate a list of the range of affordable properties available in your local area. It is one of the best ways to build brand awareness in your local area. create a list of locally available affordable high-standard homes and include your properties at the top of the list.

2.   Housing Trends

Create an article about the prevailing trends in the local housing market. Keep your readers up-to-date with useful information about the state of the market for buyers & sellers and changing mortgage rates. Articles like this show your expertise.

3.   List the Types Of Properties Available In Your Local Area

People relocating to new areas will need information about the range of properties available for them to choose from. Create an article that highlights your property listings in kid-friendly neighborhoods, waterfront areas, retirement communities, and more. Touch on the pros and cons of each location.

4.   Luxury Properties

Get some exposure for your business with high-end buyers in your local area by creating a listicle on the luxury properties available in the local market. Include relevant properties in your portfolio and add important information like square footage, number of rooms, price, and others.

5.   List of Properties With Pools

There is no shortage of buyers looking for their own backyard oasis with a private pool. Some appreciate properties with pools because of their aesthetic value, while others use them for aquatic exercises. Try publishing an article that highlights the homes with pools you have on your portfolio. You can also make an article about the pros and cons of buying a home with a swimming pool.

6.   List Celebrity Properties In Your Local Area

An article like this will help you gain exposure to a broad audience. People are obsessed with celebrities and you can capitalize on this by writing a blog post about a celebrity that just purchased a home in your local area. You can also create a fun list of TV stars, music artists, and business moguls that own homes in your locality.

7.   Inside Look Blog Post

In-depth property tour content works all the time. A good example is this article by ColdWell Banker which provides an inside look into a live, work, and play 41 acres retreat in Portola Valley, CA. Try something similar from-time-time with the most exclusive homes you have in your portfolio to expose the properties to potential clients.

8.   A Listing of the Week Blog Post

This is a similar topic to the one above, but with a different angle. You can publish this type of article once a week to highlight the most unique property in your portfolio. Get a professional photographer to take detailed photos of the property and use them to make a highly visual blog post.

9.   Price Reductions

Help buyers capitalize on the latest price reductions for local listings. An article like this may not always help you make sales directly, but it will make people discover your blog and your business. Focus on the hottest properties in your local area and include links to help readers view the listed properties.

10.  Pet-Friendly Properties in Your Local Area

Pet owners that are looking to move will be highly interested in an article about pet-friendly properties, since many landlords impose pet restrictions. Help your readers with their apartment search by creating a blog post about your pet-friendly listings. You should also highlight any restrictions on breed, size, and age.

11.  New Construction Homes

Some clients are only interested in purchasing or renting new construction properties. Creates an article about the new construction projects in your area to reach out to this audience. Include the new construction homes in your portfolio and you can also highlight the wisdom in considering other alternatives.

Blog topic ideas for first-time buyers and renters

12.  Tips for First-Time Buyers

Create a FAQ or tips article to help guide first-time buyers through the buying process. Curate a list of the common questions that home buyers tend to have when they are making their first major big-time purchase.

13.  Questions for Your Real Estate Agent

Create an article that outlines the questions a client should ask before hiring an agent. Focus on issues that buyers ignore when choosing a real estate agent and help your readers make informed decisions. A blog post like this will help you build trust and credibility.

14.  Choosing Between Renting or Buying

This will be a blog post where you highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each option. An article like this should be objective, so don’t try to influence readers with your personal opinions.

15.  Renting Temporarily

There are always people looking for a flexible rental for a long holiday, a party, or any short-term situation. Create an article that explains how a short-term rental contract works and also highlight the times of the year when flexible rentals will be easy to find.

16.  Renting With Roommates

Renting with a roommate is a big decision that comes with pros and cons. Show your readers the ins and outs of house share listings, and how to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision.

17.  Viewing a Property

You can create a checklist blog post that guides your readers on what to do when viewing a property. Highlight the features of a good property and the common problems readers should watch out for when viewing the property.

18.  Buying a Fixer-Upper

Buying dirt-cheap homes is currently a popular investment trend in the housing market. Create a blog post that explains how to find and purchase a fixer-upper, and highlight the pros and cons of buying such a property.

19.  Furnished Property VS Unfurnished Property

This will be a comparison blog post where you help your readers weigh the choice of renting a furnished or unfurnished home.

20.  Buying a Historic Home

Buying historic homes comes with many benefits, but the process can also create challenges for home-buyers. Create an article that highlights local laws on owning and purchasing historic homes, and help your readers determine if buying a historic home is the right decision for them.

21.  List of Websites to Find Local Properties

Curate a list of websites that showcase local properties for clients and readers that are looking to rent or buy a new home.

Blog topic ideas on real estate finance

22.  Getting a Home Loan

Create an in-depth blog post to guide readers on how they can qualify for and obtain a mortgage. Highlight all the factors that lenders consider before approving a loan request.

23. Types of Mortgages

This topic can be a follow-up to the previous topic to discuss the types of mortgages available to home buyers. Explain each type and help your readers make informed decisions.

24.  All About Credit Scores

As a real estate agent, credit scores play a huge role in how you decide to rent or sell a property to a client. Explain how this works and provide insights into your personal process. You can also create an additional blog post on how to improve credit scores.

25. Real Estate Purchase Contracts

Show off your expertise by writing a blog post on how to create a purchase agreement in your state. Highlight how local real estate laws and customs influence such agreements.

26. Refinancing

Many new homeowners have heard about refinancing but don’t really know how it works and when it should be done. Explain refinancing in your blog post, who should do it, and the pros and cons.

27. List of Real Estate Apps and Online Resources

There are many tools and apps out there that make it easy to buy, rent, and invest in property. Curate a list of the best tools and online resources that your readers can use in their real estate transactions.

Blog topic ideas that explain real estate topics

28. Tenant Rights

Help your readers navigate complex landlord-tenant relationships. In your blog post, highlight local tenant rights and responsibilities as contained in local laws. Offer advice on how to deal with troublesome landlords.

29. Foreclosures and Real Estate

Buying foreclosed homes comes with advantages and disadvantages. Create a blog post that shows readers the risks of buying a foreclosed property, and how to know when it is a great deal.

30. FSBO Homes

Help home buyers understand the advantages and disadvantages of buying FSBO homes. Be sure to highlight why it is better to work with a real estate agent.

31. Property Taxes

Help new homeowners or aspiring homeowners understand how property taxes work and the property tax rates in your state. You should also highlight any property tax advantages available in your area.

32. Inheriting Property

Property inheritance can be tricky for people that just become owners of a highly valuable asset. In your blog post, guide your readers through applicable inheritance laws in your state, and give real-life examples of how the process works.

Blog topic ideas on points of interest in the local area

33. Things to Know Before Relocating to XX Neighborhood

This will be a blog post that informs potential clients about the perks of relocating to your local area. You should also touch on the difficulties they might face when moving to the area and offer useful tips on how they can solve those problems.

34. List of Local Contractors

This will be a very useful article for your clients that have purchased homes in your area. Promote local businesses by curating a list of the best local contractors for owners that want to make changes to their new homes.

35. List of Local Schools and Educational Facilities

For families that are looking to purchase property, this is often a top priority. Help them discover the best elementary, middle, and high schools in the area.

36. Popular Local Restaurants

Help your clients and readers discover the best restaurants in the area and why locals love each of those restaurants.

37. Outdoor Spaces and Parks

Another priority for pet owners and families interested in local parks for their kids. Make a list post about the outdoor spaces in your city/town.

38. Modes of Transport and Local Transport Links

Easy commute to work is an important consideration for every client. Discuss all the available modes of transport in your local area and provide as much information as possible about local transport links.

39. Local Nightlife and Clubs

This will not be a deciding factor for everyone, but it can influence the decision of some buyers and renters. Describe the local night scene and list the best local clubs.

Blog topic ideas on new homeowner tips

40. Open-Plan Living or Traditional Closed Layout

This blog post should explain both layouts and highlight the pros and cons of the two layouts. You can also create a list post about the open-plan homes in your portfolio to promote your listings to interested readers.

41. Interior Decoration Tips

It will be a blog post to help first-time homeowners make the best interior decoration choices for their new home. Provide tips on choosing home accessories, furniture, appliances, wall colors, carpets, and more.

42. Home Security Tips

Help your clients stay safe in their new home. Creating a blog post on the security solutions available to homeowners.

43. Lawn Care Tips

Provide tips to help your readers maintain their garden and front lawn. You can also promote some local lawn care and gardening businesses in your blog post.

44. All about Homeowner Associations

Many new or aspiring homeowners know little about homeowner associations. Create an in-depth article that explains how HOAs work and their pros and cons.

45. Storage Units near Me

This blog post will be for people that may change location suddenly before they can dispose of unwanted property or that are downsizing. Publish a list post on the best local storage units that can be used for temporary storage.

Blog topic ideas on home maintenance

46. Home Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Help your clients live better by showing them the most common home maintenance mistakes by new homeowners. Also, provide actionable information on how to avoid those mistakes.

47. Factors That Can Lower the Value of a Home

A home is a huge investment and you can help your clients maintain the value of their home by highlighting the factors that can cause the value of a property to decrease.

48. Home Renovation Tips

Some homeowners from the DIY approach to hiring a contractor. Publish a blog post that provides tips on how to do a DIY home renovation on a tight budget.

49. Ways to Boost the Value of Your Property

This will be an article that provides tips on the best ways to increase the value of a property.

Blog topic ideas focused on landlords

50. What to Know about Renting out Your Home in XX City/Town

Renting out a property requires an understanding of applicable local laws, relevant taxes, and landlord rights and responsibilities. You can create a blog post that provides all the necessary information to interested local homeowners.

51. Finding Good Tenants

The desire of every landlord is to have good tenants. Rent property is an important income-generating asset and any landlord will prefer to rent to someone they can trust. You can publish a blog post that provides tips on how to find great tenants and weed out the bad ones.

52. How to Handle Problem Tenants

It’s inevitable that a landlord will have to deal with tenant problems at some point. Provide your readers with actionable advice on how to handle problematic tenants.

53. Evicting a Tenant in XX City/Town

Eviction rules differ from state to state. It is a tedious process and your readers will appreciate a blog post that breaks down applicable evictions rules in your city/town. You should also offer practical advice on other alternate solutions that landlords can take to avoid resorting to evictions.

54. Renting out Property on Airbnb

Airbnb is now a major income-generating side hustle for many homeowners. Create a list post on the things a homeowner should know before listing a room or an entire property on Airbnb.

55. How to Say No to a Purchase Offer

There are many ways a home seller can decline a purchase offer. Some people struggle because they don’t know how to decline such an offer politely.  You can publish a post on the right way to decline a purchase offer.

56. Pros and Cons of a Home Inspection

Some buyers don’t understand the value of a home inspection. You can create a blog post to highlight the reasons why a home inspection is needed.

Blog topic ideas on selling property

57. Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Publish a FAQ blog post for first-time home sellers. Use your knowledge to curate the typical questions asked by homeowners before making their property available for listing.

58. Holding an Open House

Write a blog post about the purpose, pros, and cons of hosting an open house. Explain how it works and be as informative as possible.

59. When to Sell Your Home – Market Signs

This article will highlight the major signs that traditionally indicate a strong local real estate market. Many potential sellers that are ready to sell but don’t know when to pull the trigger will appreciate such an article.

60. Preparing for a Home Sale

A blog post that provides useful tips on the steps to take before making a property available for listing.

61. Getting a Good Price

It will be a blog post that shows readers how to calculate the value of their home, and casual readers and clients alike will see you as an honest real estate agent.

62. Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Property

Help new home sellers with little know-how navigate the complex process of selling their homes with an explanatory blog post.

63. Selling Your Home for the Most Money

Who doesn’t want to maximize the value of an asset? Provide tips on how to sell a property for more money by capitalizing on a seller’s market.

64. Home Staging Tips

This will be a blog post on how to stage homes for viewing and on a budget.

65. Best Season in the Year To Sell

Seasonality influences home sales and Spring is generally accepted as the best season to sell. Your blog post should also touch on the influence of local real estate market trends.

15 Bonus Blog Topic Ideas:

66. Why I Love Being an Agent?

67. How I Got Into The Real Estate Business

68. A Day in My Life

69. List of Local Agents and Brokers

70. How Property Prices are Determined

71. What an Agent Looks for in Clients

72. My Personal List of Online Resources

73. Why Hire a Real Estate Agent

74. How I Buy Properties

75. Funny Experiences I Have Had With Clients

76. How I Make Great Listing Photos

77. Tactics for Paying off Mortgage Loans

78. How to Invest in XX City/Town Properties

79. Sites To Advertise Your FSBO Property

80. How a Student Can Start Investing in Property

real estate blog ideas

Final Thoughts

A real estate blog with a solid content marketing strategy is a powerful tool for promoting your real estate business, and this article has provided you with 80 real estate blog ideas, and explained what you need to create a successful blog.

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