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YouTube marketing is one of the best ways you can market your local business.  Videos account for over 1 billion hours watched on YouTube alone every day.

Let that stat sink in for a minute or 695,000 hours watched per minute.  It is no wonder why YouTube is a great platform to utilize for your business.

You should be using YouTube to help grow your business.  We will explore the basics of how to best use YouTube.

As with anything with marketing, a plan is always best to follow to help you reach your goals.  This guide will help to best organize on how to get started with YouTube.

It was written from the perspective of just starting out, so there are no advanced methods.  Videography is truly an art form, but creating them will help build an asset for your business.

Why Use YouTube Videos for Your Business?

Here are some jaw dropping stats about YouTube. Some of these are quite astounding.

  • 1.9 billion monthly active users
  • World’s 2nd largest search engine
  • 68% of YouTube users watched a video to help make a purchase decision

As you can just imagine, videos are crushing it with many people around the world viewing them.  YouTube is in fact the 2nd largest search engine behind Google (which also owns YouTube).

It may seem intimidating when you are starting from scratch to help market your own business, but it is well worth to start utilizing it today.

You know the old saying, the best time to start was yesterday and the next best time is NOW.

youtube video marketing why

Know Your Why & Your Goals Before You Film a YouTube Video

In today’s competitive marketing world, it is simply not enough to just innately throw up content and hope it sticks.

It really helps to have a strategic plan that you can execute, adapt, & use as your playbook for your stated goals.

This really starts on asking yourself what is your reason for doing this.  You might be a local realtor and you get the same questions asked of you all the time.

Your reason might be to help streamline the process and showcase that you are an expert in your field.

It really would be wise to formulate an action plan and a marketing strategy to help guide you and navigate.

Some of the questions you need to ask to help you formulate your marketing strategy should be:

  • Why are you doing this?
  • Who do you want to reach? Simply knowing your target audience
    • Local area, male/female, age, etc.
    • Wider Audience – geographically, world wide
  • What is our Message or Value Proposition?
  • What is your goal?
    • “How to” & instructional for products or service
    • Brand Awareness
    • Establish as Trusted Expert

There are certainly more pieces to the puzzle when you develop a marketing plan, but this is at least a start.

Here at Evergreen Marketing, we can help to build a simple roadmap for your marketing whether you want to reach locally or markets elsewhere.

We keep it simple and follow a plan that relies heavily on direct marketing tactics that are backed with data.

Give us a call at 919-809-9007 or contact us here.

Check out a book called The 1-Page Marketing Plan for here if you are the DIY type.  It is pretty simple, straight forward, and right to the point of how to build a simple effective marketing plan.

You can find it here on Amazon.

Who is your YouTube Audience?

We mentioned in the above about how important it is to know your audience.  The worst thing that you can do is to blindly market to everyone.

Sure you may be selling homes that anyone can buy, but you wouldn’t market a residential home to a business owner looking to open a new location.

Your messaging and perhaps the very language you use will be different.

This goes without saying, but you can take a look at some other YouTube channels and they basically talk about 15 different topics.

Even businesses extend far outside of their core products and services.  Just take a look at either McDonald or Burger King for some failed products outside of their winners.

I know you really want to get into the jist of creating a YouTube channel.

Completing these “exercises” before you even navigate to YouTube is really what separates the successful businesses from the rest.

This framework will help you to construct the perfect YouTube video, pick the right keywords, deliver the right message & ultimately attract the right audience to your service or product.

youtube video marketing audience

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

Ok, so you discovered your why and figured out how your audience is, so let’s get started with setting up your YouTube channel.

We will not go into the very basics about setting up a google account, but you need to do this before you can create a YouTube channel.

Channel Name | Brand Name or Personal Brand

You can use your personal google account or create one specific for your brand or business.

Ultimately, it may be better to create a new one for your business to keep things separately in the future.

Most local businesses will want to use the name of their business as their channel name.  This will help for brand recognition and keep things seamless.

The other option is to use your name as the channel name.  This might be good for certain products or services like if you are a fitness trainer or you are consultant.

Either having your channel name figured out before you start is important.

Here are the steps to creating a new channel:

  1. Sign into your google account that you want to create the channel.
  2. Head over to and click on the icon where your google icon appears and Select “Settings” in the drop down menu
  3. Enter in your Brand Name and hit create channel

Here are some google articles that will help you with more detailed steps if you already have other channels created or need more info:

Channel Art & Channel Icon

It is important to display your business’s brand and have consistent marketing across all your channels of social media.

This helps to establish you as a business that has at least the basics of branding down pat. Creating your channel art should be created with your brand in mind.

You might want to hire this out to a graphic designer that can deliver banners & channel art that are similar across all your marketing.

You can also do these yourself if you have any inkling of graphic art skills or don’t mind learning some basic graphic design.

Personally, I have done both and prefer to let the creative experts do the job.

Here are some basic design elements to keep in mind and a good site to help:

  • Canva This site is pretty intuitive and they have some templates to help you create specific graphics
  • Channel Icon – Recommended size is 800 x 800 pixels
  • Channel Art -Recommended size is 2560 x 1440 pixels

youtube video marketing channel art

Keep in mind that many users prefer to use mobile when viewing videos, so your channel art should be designed with this in mind.

The other graphics that you should look into creating to help with your brand identity is your YouTube video thumbnails.

We will delve more into that as part of our keyword and optimization strategies in Part 2.

About Section

Here is the section you want to put a description about your business and channel purpose.  This does have some SEO value, so try to stick with main keywords for your channel.

This is also where you can add links to your business or landing pages.  It is probably best to stick with 1 or 2 links at first depending on your goals.

You could add in your other social media links when you are more established or want to grow those channels.

Location of Shooting Your YouTube Marketing Videos

Location, location, location is the mantra of real estate transactions.  It is something to consider before you film your YouTube marketing videos.

Having the right equipment or best editing software won’t make a difference if your location setting is so bad.

You might want to consider the following when selecting an ideal location:

  • Lighting- This is a topic that could stand for its own post for videography.  Keep it simple, use some blinds for some outside lighting if you don’t have any lights.
    • Add a few filler lights to help you get the right lighting when you are ready to invest some more
    • Usually 3 lights are ideal: 2 from the side typically called Fill light & Key light, and one almost above called the Hair light that focuses on the subjects face.
  • Sound – Some rooms will have an echo that naturally happens in most rooms.  There might also be distracting sounds from your neighbors or environment.
    • Maybe schedule the filming during quiet hours and use some throw rugs if you have bare floors to dampen the echo.
    • Professionally soundproofing is the more advanced step if you want to create your own studio
  • Background Distractions – Having a neutral background is ideal if you have control over it.
  • As you progress in video creation, look to create a more pleasing background by trying new things such as lighting or props, or a screen of some sort.
  • Equipment Setup – The equipment starts to add up once you add more into it.  Setting up and dismantling lighting, tripods, mics and everything does add more time to the production
    • Having a dedicated area allows you to keep your equipment ready to go

Supertip: Batch film your YouTube videos will help to minimize the time you produce them.  Plan out 3-4 videos you can shoot in tandem.

youtube video marketing equipment

Basic Equipment to Get Started

Equipment is obviously necessary in capturing videos.  Good for us that we live in a time where it fits into our pockets.

Starting out can be very intimidating once you look at how much some of the equipment can cost.  Don’t let that discourage you and just utilize your own cell phone’s camera to get started.

YouTube does work best when your phone is held horizontally.  This ensures your video will take up the full screen.

Most newer model cameras even have 4K compatibility.

A super simple way to film yourself, would be to prop up some books, place you phone on it and just use the camera mic to record the sound into it.

One of my YouTube channels that I started out making videos was filmed with a cheap tripod, a $20 wired mic and my Iphone.

I think I was using some basic editing software too so only did some basic jump cuts. I did manage to get a basic bumper intro that still use today, but that was about the extent of it.

I look back and say that it was an awful video.  Editing was rough, sound was ok, but I tried my best and just threw it out there.

It is my best performing video with over 10,000 views.  Not viral or anything, but not bad for a new unknown creator in a seasonal niche.

I know it will continue to get views for me and hopefully lead visitors to my website where perhaps I can invite them onto my email list.

Check it out here:

Most of the equipment can be broken down into a few categories: Camera, Audio, Lighting, & Tripods

There are other equipment pieces to the puzzle, but these are the basics.  I give you a run down of some of the equipment that I use or have experience with.

Note: These are affiliate links, so I get a cup of coffee if you purchase from them (prices are the same either way)  Click on each one to get the latest prices and check out the reviews.


You can use your Iphone or Android camera to film your videos.  It is nice to have dedicated equipment to help you film your videos.

Keys to keep in mind:

  • Enough disc space to record videos
  • Be able to frame your shot before you film.  Viewfinder screens that you can see will help.
  • Way to keep you in focus.  As you move your camera should keep the focus.
  • Audio inputs will ensure you can setup external mics for sound.

Consider some of these cameras as they are beginner models that check off all the boxes for filming.

  • Canon EOS Rebel SL2 – My existing camera.  It has auto focus, viewfinder and the battery life if good enough for 1 battery.  Only con is the disc and battery are difficult to change out easily.
  • Canon EOS M50 – This camera is the next one version up and on my list if I ever need another one.
  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 This is my desk camera that use for filming talking head videos


Audio quality is by far the most important of all in my own opinion.  People will stick around if the lighting is ok, the background is distracting or the video quality is subpar.

They will definitely move on if they can’t hear you clearly though.  This would be my recommended equipment to get first if your budget is tight.

Starting out with the wired mic is really your best option if you are on a budget and want to up your game.  This ensures your sound quality will be at a subpar level.


The lighting in your videos is probably the next upgrade that you should look to improve.  Getting consistent lighting is difficult with ambient daylight from window.

Using this lighting is not terrible, but you may need to change it around each time.  Filming outside is a well lit area is always best, but you may just want to film indoors.

Here are a few budget friendly lighting options:


Not all tripods are created equal.  Most of my shots are taken from 1 angle at a time since I am also the camera man.

You also want a sturdy tripod to hold up your expensive equipment and allow you to change your camera angles and positions easily.

Here are a few tripods that won’t break your budget that are solid investments for your YouTube videos.

Scripting your Videos | Basic Outline for Your YouTube Video

Following an outline is really important for all parts of the video.  First, it helps to craft your message that is specific to your audience.

Secondly, it keeps your videos much more organized and your main talking points are summarized to easily speak.

Targeting your keywords before you shoot the video will help.  That will be covered in part 2. I know it seems out of order, but getting setup is the part that many always want to do first.

Finding keywords may be the more boring part to you, but it is the most important one and demands its own separate post.

Here is a PDF download of guide that you use to organize what you need to have for your outline:

Here is a basic outline of a video for most how to and information presenting: YouTube Video Outline Guide

  • Intro– Tell the audience what you will cover in video, keep brief and to the point.  A good spot to also have a small call to action (CTA)
  • Middle– Meat of what you are discussing or presenting, series of steps
  • Outro– Present a Call to Action (CTA)

youtube video marketing calls to action

Calls To Action (CTA)

It might be important to give this its own subsection even though we mentioned it briefly above.

A call to action or CTA is an instruction to your audience that is designed to provoke an immediate response.  Some examples of calls to action are:

  • Buy Now
  • Subscribe
  • Share & Like
  • Visit my Site

These calls to action should align to your goals that you have identified in the beginning.  It may be as simple as subscribing to your channel to help it grow.

It could be to establish credibility, trust, and authority.  It could be to educate your audience on your product or service and just build brand awareness.

It is suggested to limit your calls to action to 1-2 per video.  At the very least, to at least subscribe to your videos if you plan to produce more.

Filming Your Video Tips | Lights, Camera, Action

Did you notice that I just underlined action in the tile above? Yes, get your gear setup, your outline written and get out there.

Filming the videos is actually the easiest part once you get setup.  Some folks just can’t get over speaking into a camera though and freeze up.

Let me tell you this…Your first 5-10 videos will absolutely suck and be really bad.  You need to get over that and just carry on filming new ones.

Here are some tips to master the filming:

  • Focus on looking at the camera lense.  Try not to look at yourself on the viewfinder or screen as it looks like you are not making eye contact with the person watching the video.
  • Keep your outline of your script handy.  Maybe put it on a whiteboard in your eyesight to help you focus on your topics.
  • Shoot for the edit is a perfect way to film your videos.  This means that you have a basic layout of what you are going to say, the camera angle/locations, and B-rolls (in between scenes shots).

This will help to cut down your editing of your YouTube videos.  Trust me, you will thank yourself if you develop a smooth process for this.

youtube video marketing editing

Editing Your Videos

This is probably my least favorite part of the entire process.  This is the part that I plan to hire out to someone else in the very near future as my backlog of videos is mounting.

It is not too difficult to do with the right software and process, but it does take some time to master and produce consistently.

My suggestion is to just pick a software and dive right into it.  Keep it simple and just do very basic edits & cuts where there might be some gaps or you are rambling “umms”.

You can get fancy and add graphics and animations later on once you get good, but it is not necessary to produce decent videos.

Probably a better investment is to join Toastmasters or some other speaking group.  They can really help you up your presentation skills.

Here are a few free video editing software programs:

I have not used any of these ones, but they come highly referred by many different sites.  Check out this site for more information about each here.

  • Blender – open source video editing and animation software.  Has a bit of a learning curve, but still pretty good.
  • Lightworks – A staple video editing software
  • Shotcut – works on linux, macs and windows

Here are the paid software that might fit your budget.  These are what professional video editors use.

You might be able to get a student license at a discount if you are in school, so ask about that option.  Note: Some of these are affiliate links offered at the same price.

  • Adobe Premiere – This software is a beast.  You can produce almost Hollywood quality videos with this software.
  • Adobe Premiere Elements – This is Premiere’s little brother, but don’t let it fool you.  This is what we use and its does way more than what most businesses needs for editing YouTube videos.
  • Final Cut Pro – Apple’s version of video editing software.  Many YouTubers swear by this one as it gets the job done

What’s Next For YouTube Video Marketing

Selecting the right keywords, optimizing your videos and promoting your YouTube videos is ultimately the crucial steps that many don’t know.

Creating your videos is super important too of course, but you want people to find your videos.

YouTube works on an algorithm that helps match up what the user is looking for with the right information.

Knowing the right keywords to target will help you to come up with topics for your videos as well.

It is encouraged to start with these steps above first to get comfortable with the entire filming process, but then

youtube marketing master guide

Final Thoughts

The crucial step is taking action when deciding to give YouTube video marketing a try.  Just grab your phone and starting filming some topic you are an expert in.

Spend 5 minutes and come up with an outline and film it. Edit it quickly and upload it to YouTube.

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