Do you want to increase ORGANIC traffic to your site so you can generate more leads? There is so much information, webinars, and conferences that show you the right way to do real estate SEO, but sometimes you don’t have the extra time to learn it.

Evergreen Growth Marketing specializes in local SEO for real estate agents. We do all the heavy lifting as your real estate SEO expert. We are located in the Raleigh, Durham, ​​& triangle area, but have clients located in other competitive markets like Boston.

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Getting traffic to your website requires some expert SEO techniques and/or some targeted PPC Campaigns. Your website should help you get closer to closing the deal as a lead generation device for buyers and sellers. Your real estate website should be easy to comprehend, informative, & user friendly.

Evergreen Growth Marketing specializes in web design for real estate agents. We take your vision and bring it to life. An effective real estate website also focuses on capturing the highest conversions or simply put contact information from interested buyers and sellers.

You also need a flawless IDX that is updated regularly and boosts your local SEO for your area. We partnered with one of the BEST IDX solutions to keep your leads on your site.

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The real estate market in some areas is brutally competitive. You also have to compete with national aggregate sites like Zillow, Trulia, and other top agents. Fortunately, there is room to maximize your traffic and leads with the right real estate SEO strategy. This coupled with the right IDX solution will boost your rankings in your local market.

9 Point SEO Tactics We Employ

This is a good place to start if you have any existing online presence.

Our SEO audit process ​includes:

  • ​Technical SEO Audit – ​​​​​​We go through your existing pages, overall structure to ​see where you are. We present you with a report to know where you stand.
  • ​​​Site Audit – ​We evaluate your sites current rankings. Google has a “scoring system” for determining ​the rank of each page. Our SEO audit helps figure out where you stand.

Once you have the audit, we get to work fixing them. Our new sites will adhere to the most optimized

Our SEO process ​for ​improving involves:

  • ​Addressing Audit​​​​ Issues – We address the issues that were found in the audit. This could be broken links, image optimizations to sitemaps.
  • Keyword Analysis – ​This is the heart of ​an optimal SEO strategy. We find the main and secondary keywords that your pages rank for and compare it against your competitors.
  • On-Page SEO – ​Using ​the data we formulate a plan to make improvements on your current pages. Our ​SEO writers will look to ​optimize & improve your ​content ​with your approval.

Our new sites always takes a mobile first approach since it makes up for almost 60% of traffic.

​We focus on these aspects in our designs:​

  • ​​Responsiveness – ​​​​​​How does it look on mobile? How about on a tablet? The Showcase IDX is phenomenal in mobile and that is where it counts.
  • Hosting Speed ​​​​- ​We ​partnered with a ​few good hosting companies that can handle the typical traffic speeds of real estate websites. We may recommend you change your host if that causes site speed ​issues.
  • Conversions – Having the right call to actions (CTA) and a smooth user experience will help keep your visitors on your site and off of Zillow.

Google is the place where the most eyes are. We ensure your listing is optimized for Google My Business.

  • Google 3-pack – ​​​​​​​This is the ​spot on a search engine that shows the map, your reviews, and information. This has a high ​click thru rate (CTR) which increases your traffic.
  • Reviews & Reputation ​​​​- ​​You want to have a favorable reputation strategy to add credibility ​for your real estate agency.
  • Updated Contact Info – ​We claim your listing if this has not been done and ensure that everything is up to date for all your locations.

Google favors sites that have backlinks and NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

Our ​SEO services include listing in many directories:​

  • ​​​Local Directories – ​​​​​​​We look for opportunities to claim your listings in many of the local directories.
  • ​​​​High Authority Directories ​​​​- ​​These are directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Better Business Bureau.
  • ​​Real Estate Directories​ – This is important to be listed in all of the real estate directories as these are sources of leads for your agency.

​​​There are several channels to use video marketing on. We ​​work with some local companies to handle filming and editing. You can easily do it yourself as well.

​We can help with the following strategy to get social signals to point back to your landing page:​

  • ​​​Youtube – ​​​​​​​This is by far the best for a SEO​​ Video channel. Check out our article on Youtube SEO here for some tips.​​​
  • ​​​Facebook ​​​​- ​​Showcasing your listings on Facebook is also recommended.
  • ​​Instagram – ​This platform is becoming popular for video as well. Best part is ​we can automate posting on each platform.

Blogs or written content is very useful to get organic traffic. It is suggested to stick with subset of low competition topics.

Our ​Real Estate SEO​ writing team can handle these type of articles:​

  • ​​Informational Articles – ​​​​​​​Stick with topics about your area. Reference articles that help your buyer and sellers.
  • ​​​Local Interviews ​​​​- ​​Working with local businesses and highlighting them will help build your own agencies awareness.
  • Visual and Click Worthy – ​These articles do well when shared on social media and are easy to digest for your potential clients.

​​​Getting the word out on social media is highly effective.  It helps to build awareness, trust and authority.

Our ​social media strategy includes:​

  • ​​​Facebook – ​​​​​​​We utilize Facebook to share your content and also to build an audience.  We ensure your website is pixeled ​to help with re-marketing efforts.
  • ​​​Instagram ​​​​- ​​A visual platform that is extremely popular.  We structure a posting strategy and help automate it.
  • ​Pinterest – ​A social bookmarking site that can deliver quality traffic to your website.

​Think of the schema as the table of contents for google to read and display your site correctly.

​We optimize your site to ensure it is being read properly:​

  • ​​​IDX – ​​​​​​We compare your data to see what it will take to raise up your scores to beat out your competition. We identify a list of sites that we can prospect for links.
  • Outreach Campaigns ​​​​- ​We handle the outreach to the sites using various campaigns. We manage all the steps to ensure we maximize its effectiveness.
  • ​Influencer Marketing – We find relevant influencers in your space to help promote your site

​Check Out Our SEO Results

​The screenshots show the increase in overall traffic as a results of the SEO ​optimization & improvements that we have performed.


SEO Results




Real Estate Home

SEO & PPC campaigns will get you the traffic.

BUT…..Its only half the equation to get MORE deals in the pipeline.

Once they land on your site, you need to get them to take an action or what is called “Call to action.” (CTA)

Evergreen Growth Marketing specializes in improving conversions to help you capture you more leads.

Our website designs are custom built with this in mind. Our skilled copywriters help your visitors to take action and fill your email box.

We capture this with a strategic deployment of HIGH conversion tools & tactics that include:

  • Dynamic IDX Integration
  • Integrated CRM Lead Capture Tool
  • Impressive SEO

What is included with each design…

  • Custom Web design that is built from the ground up using either a Divi framework (incl.) or Thrive themes (indiv license $)
  • Latest WordPress Software installation
  • Mobile & Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress plugin installations
  • Social Media Setup
  • All marketing & design resources to use ($500 Value)
  • Contact form
  • Blog Configuration
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Facebook Pixel Setup
  • Image/Video optimized for web
  • Training On How to Use Site
  • First month 1/2 off Maintenance Plan

Communication is key during the entire build…

Click the Trello button below to see our entire process

We communicate with you throughout entire wordpress website build process. You will actually get a mockup of your site before we starting building it out.

We use trello to help keep you in the loop.

Showcase Real Estate IDX


Simply Put:

  • Help buyers search for a home
  • ​Keep buyers on your site
  • ​​​​Acquire more leads for you to establish a relationship

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Whether it is a blueprint for SEO or a custom sales converting website, you can expect us to deliver.